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Medicaid Expansion is basic to civilized people. We currently cover kids of very poor working parents. Expansion will cover parents and kids of all working poor. It will save lives. Republicans agree it will help economy and hospitals, but still refuse to help in MO, even though we are the worst at covering the poor. The Medicaid Coalition has taken busloads to Jeff City to demonstrate and lobby, with little success so far. There will be another trip in a few weeks for those who want to go.

The ACA is under severe attack now. Last Wednesday they heard arguments on what the intent was when the framers inadvertently said financial help will only go to states which run their own insurance exchanges. The obvious intent was to cover all states. If not, why are they arguing in court?

This program is keeping people alive and keeping premiums lower for all, because we are not paying for uninsured. The uninsured's are going to emergency rooms which are extremely expensive and highly ineffective.

Medicare is under usual attack by Rep. Paul Ryan, who wants to privatize it. Since seniors will have to pay much more, many will not be able to afford coverage.

The basic Republican plan appears to be to cure poverty by letting the poor die prematurely.

The best solution for America is to act like all other advanced nations - have a single payer program so that all are covered, and all working people pay their share, and help those unemployed. Employers will not have to worry about being able to afford it for workers.

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