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Brown School Early Child Education


GRANT VIEW LIBRARY, 9700 Musick Road 63123 (Musick Road is now open and the library is easily accessible off Gravois Road.)

1:30 Welcome & Announcements

1:45 SARAH MORELAND-RUSSELL, PhD, MPH, Washington University Brown School: Early Childhood Education. Dr. Moreland-Russell is a senior scholar on health policy at the Brown School and faculty advisor to the Clark-Fox Policy Institute. Her research focuses on health policy analysis and evaluation, to include tobacco control and obesity prevention, organizational and systems science and evaluation, and dissemination and implementation of public health policies. Recent work in Australia on gambling addiction. Dr. Moreland-Russell’s work has made contributions to the need for local level policy adoption, strategies for disseminating results for more effective implementation of evidence-based policy, and the evaluation of public health programs. Dr. Moreland-Russell completed an APHA fellowship serving as policy advisor for Senator Kristen Gillibrand on Capitol Hill.

2:45 DOUG BECK (Rep 92nd)- Candidate for Senate District 1

3:00 Proposed MOPAG letter to Rep Lacy Clay on gun and climate bills

3:15 Raffle and Post Cards

3:30 Adjourn

Minutes of General Membership Meeting
October 5, 2019

Location: Grant’s View Branch Library, 9700 Musick Avenue, 63123

Disclaimer: Always confirm meeting locations and times as these are subject to change.

The meeting was convened at 1:40 p.m. by MOPAG Chair Steve Reed.


Treasurer’s Report:  Treasurer Marty Walsh gave a financial report for the month of September 2019. The opening balance was $371.07, and the closing balance was $371.07.
September minutes were approved.


Training. Training for candidates and their support staff are available at


Doug Beck, 92nd District State Representative spoke about his 2020 campaign for Missouri State Senate, 1st District. His campaign will begin as early as January by efforts to get name recognition via phone calls. Beck has a robust canvassing plan of action, and has a personal goal of knocking on 12,000 doors. Not wanting to be defined by the Republicans, he will be speaking personally with people so he can define what it means to be a Democrat in the 1st District. Beck’s main drivers are workers’ rights (he supports the $15 minimum wage and is a union member), and public education. Beck spent nine years on the Affton School Board and took pride in increasing the amount of college scholarships awarded to Affton students from $1,000,000 when he began to $10,000,000 at the end of his service. Additionally, he built transparency in the school district and helped create the early childhood center without increasing revenue. Beck discussed his displeasure with how the state education budget is being assessed, stating that it was arbitrarily lowered by $450,000,000 while still being called ‘fully funded.’ He discussed many human rights issues which need to be addressed in Jefferson City (women’s rights, lack of opportunity for our youth, fewer and fewer healthcare dollars and facilities, etc.) and has asked for MOPAG’s members to help by talking to their neighbors about his campaign and supporting his campaign by donating via his website: He urges everyone to support ‘building a bench’ of Democrats so we can win elections from the bottom up! When asked what other things MOPAG members could do for his campaign, he stated that he will keep us posted in regard to his upcoming phone banking opportunities.

Ella Jones, candidate for Mayor of Ferguson and two-term member of their City Council, spoke to the group about the challenges she would like to address in Ferguson, such as crime, housing (600 of its 12,000 homes are vacant), and opportunities for the youth. She mentioned the National Women's Political Caucus works locally to get women to run for office.

The audience provided comments on a draft website to be used to support the Democratic party.

The next meeting will be held on November 2, 2019, 1:30 p.m., Grant’s View Branch Library. The speakers will be a representative from St. Louis Not For Sale on Lambert airport privatization and Kathy Peterson of the Interfaith Committee on Latin America speaking on her trip to Tornillo and witness of border conditions for asylum seekers.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 3:30 p.m.

Minutes submitted by Diane Kasten

On the web at MOPAG.ORG, St Louis Meetup Missouri Progressive Action Group, and on Facebook. See also which brings together several groups within the website and provides a consolidated calendar of events for the activist regional community.


1. Educate yourself and communicate to your friends, family, and public.      

The science: 

The politics:

The U.S.impacts.

2. Reduce your carbon emissions.

3. Support political candidates who recognize the climate challenge.  and   (will be updated for 2020 election)

4. ***Support the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act.***

5. Join advocacy group.  Participate in climate protests on-going in St Louis.

6. Donate to Climate Science Legal Defense Fund and National Center for Science Education in the schools:

7. Consider climate change investing.

8. Engage local government. St Louis County still needs to adopt the new building standards code to reduce CO2 emissions and pollution. Contact your district council member.

This handout will be furnished with hyperlinks to mopag@googlegroups and to MOPAG facebook.

Township Guide

Want to get involved but not sure How/Where? Here's a link to the St. Louis County Democrats Township Guide.

Winner Takes All

View Jeff Dickler's presentation of the atrocious Winner Takes All polotics we're fooled into thinking is a democracy. Documentation is found HERE.


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