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Some dangerous bills - lawmakers wanting to use the funding for additional tax cuts, and most proposals include income tax cuts that far outweigh expected revenue increases from the Wayfair Fix. The Senate Bill 46 (sponsored by Senator Koenig) and Senate Bill 50 (sponsored by Senator Eigel) will be heard in the Senate Ways and Means Committee tomorrow, Tuesday, January 29th. The bills would enact mechanisms to capture sales tax that is due for online retail purchases, but use revenue gained as a trigger to implement further cuts to Missouri's top rate of income tax, resulting in cuts that far outweigh revenue gained. SB 46 and SB 50 include tax giveaways at a time when Missouri's budget is already unpredictable and volatile. Previously enacted loopholes and tax giveaways have caused Missouri's budget to be nearly half of one billion dollars in the red this year already.

Any additional revenues collected from online sales should be used for any number of currently underfunded programs and services including school transportation funding, our crumbling transportation infrastructure, and others.

The tax giveaways should be stripped from these bills and allow MO to reinvest in our communities, schools, roads and bridges.