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For those interested in the numbers, here's how the House bill broke down.

The state gained nearly $400 million for phasing out the deduction of federal taxes based on income. Previously, the deduction largely benefited wealthy Missourians. Now it is targeted at middle income folks and the change saves the state a significant amount each year.

We also gained $51 million by reducing the LLC Loophole from 25-20 %.

Partially because Hancock doesn't allow Missouri Lawmakers to raise taxes above a certain threshold, and also because of political realities, these adjustments were met with personal income tax rate reductions.

In the end, the bill will generate almost $60 million in additional revenue each year.

Also, it won't show up on a balance sheet because it was fixed before it was implemented, but there was an additional language change that MBP saw that needed to happen that could have resulted in the loss of $440 million if not fixed.